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SL Texture Tutorials

This course can save you hundreds of Lindens by teaching you Step by Step how to
make textures for Second Life. Grab a coffee, sit back and watch the videos
as we guide you through the learning process starting with the basics and
then moving into more advance steps of creating your own textures.

Dear Fellow SL Resident,

arrowgreen-second-life AAre you tired of buying textures in Second Life that just don’t do the job?

arrowgreen-second-lifeAre you tired of spending ‘Lots of Lindens’ uploading textures that just aren’t right?

arrowgreen-second-lifeHave you given up on using Photoshop or Gimp as it just plain frustrates you?

arrowgreen-second-life Are you the do-it-yourself type that likes to learn, but just need the right teacher to get you on the right path?

Well … then help is here!

SL Texture Tutorials
will take you on a journey to get you on the right path to using Photoshop or Gimp. Once you have mastered the basics, you will learn how to create your very own textures for use in Second Life. We don’t use any fancy terminology or geek words, these videos are plain and simple so that any level of learner can understand them.

Imagine sitting at your computer and having your own teacher at your house explaining step by step what to do. If you don’t get something hit the rewind button and watch it again. That’s the beauty of being able to watch these videos over and over again until you master each step along the way.

Don’t let the fear of using Photoshop or Gimp stop you from creating your own textures.

Learn How to Create Your Own Second Life Textures

You will be taken through a simple step-by-step process to understanding the basics.
After you master the fundamentals we move onto creating some simple textures
to test those nearly acquired skills.

THEN we start learning the more advanced features of Photoshop and Gimp and how to use them to make more complex textures such as wood, water, alpha’s, gold, silver AND a beautiful cobblestone path. What’s the point of learning how to make these textures if you don’t know what to do with them? Well don’t worry, we will also show you how to use those textures and then turn them into such things as a wooden window frames, or maybe gold lettering for your business logo in Second Life and much much more.

These videos are made with beginners in mind, all your questions and concerns will be covered leaving you able to concentrate on learning, having fun and creating your own unique textures.

So often I hear many SL residents give up from the frustrations of not knowing where to start
and what to do, they go from free tutorial to tutorial trying to learn as much as they can but
never learning exactly what is needed for creating their own textures for Second Life.
In the end they walk away in total frustration!

SL Texture Tutorials covers exactly what you need to know, and how to do it to get the results you want. You will avoid the pitfalls and have a simple to follow learning path that will guide you to maximize your potential with Photoshop or Gimp in a few hours. Once you have mastered the basics we then move into the more advanced features and show you the tricks Texture Artists of Second Life would prefer we don’t share. And yes – all in a matter of hours!

Here’s just a few things you will learn…

arrow_s1_green4 How to navigate the interface like a pro so you move around the workspace and feel in control.

arrow_s1_green4 Keyboard shortcuts for all the major tools you will ever need such as Move, Selection, Paint Bucket, Zoom, Brushes and much much more. These shortcuts will literally save you hundreds of hours.

arrow_s1_green4 How to take photos in Second Life, and turn them into store signs or beautiful pieces of artwork.

arrow_s1_green4 How to load images from the web into your workspace and instantly turn it into a transparent texture!

arrow_s1_green4 Quickly learn how to crop and edit photos with the correct image size suitable for uploading into Second Life.

arrow_s1_green4 Understand file types suitable for uploading into Second Life and why PNG is a good choice for images.

arrow_s1_green4 How to quickly and easily remove unwanted objects from your image once you master the use of these tools.

arrow_s1_green4 How to instantly create images with the same special effects that the Texture Artists of Second Life use!
And yes, it’ll take just minutes to master once you learn how to apply it.

arrow_s1_green4 How to add “Layers”. Imagine simply combining multiple images and effects like adding layer upon layer until you’ve made the perfect texture.

arrow_s1_green4 How to use the Brush tools. If you haven’t used them before you will love them. They are used for so many application, quickly make a particle texture or add a little trim to a clothing texture.

arrow_s1_green4 How to create 20 different textures that you can immediately upload into Second Life for clothing, building, photos, store signs and much more.

arrow_s1_green4 How to never make mistakes again! You will learn how to manage history, step back and how to instantly undo your errors as if they’d never happened!

arrow_s1_green4 How to master Adjustments, with the click of a button instantly change the color of your image to make a totally new texture.

arrow_s1_green4 Quickly master such techniques as creating a tileable textures, never again have to worry about your images not tiling in Second Life!

arrow_s1_green4 Click here for a look inside!

arrow_s1_green4 There is over 50 videos for you to watch OVER and OVER again – plus we throw in a few Surprise bonuses too!

…That’s just a tiny fraction of what you will learn!


It’s a proven fact – too much information at once can cause brain overload!

With this in mind, we have Made it As Easy as possible for you to learn, by breaking this course down into three sections.
(1) The basics;
(2) Using those basic tools to make signs, alpha textures and more;
(3) Advanced features such as filters, masks, along with tips and tricks to help you!

This Tutorial Course offers 50 videos so you an pick and choose the ones that you want to watch for the program you want to learn. 25 of the videos are designed to get you up to speed with using the essential parts of Photoshop or Gimp. Whilst the other 25 take you step by step through creating specific textures that most people request in Second Life.

Now I haven’t worked it out exactly but there is over 3 hours of learning video material that you can watch over and over again to master either Photoshop or Gimp AND texturing for Second Life. Work at your own pace – you don’t have to worry about getting it all done in a day, in a week or even a month. You can come back as often as you like and watch a video again and again if you just need that little bit more help.

I can guarantee if you watch these videos and apply what you have learned, you will be amazed at what you can achieve in just a few hours from now.

If your still not certain this is for you, then try it risk free on me. Yes I know its crazy but if you don’t like the course for any reason, then I am offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 days. I realize a lot of people have invested money in courses in Second Life and haven’t gotten what they paid for – so here you have a risk free opportunity to learn.

second life textures

If you don’t like SL Texture Tutorials for any reason, just let me know within the 60 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately, no questions asked.

I have looked at many other Photoshop & Gimp courses which sell for $97 dollars or more, these courses are good but they don’t focus on texturing for Second Life and this is what makes this course so unique. None of them offer you the same information or same guarantee, that’s how confident I am you will 100% love SL Texture Tutorials.

Having been a resident of Second Life and having had the opportunity to teach many residents over the last three years I was able to focus this course uniquely on textures for Second Life.

To ensure this Video Course is affordable to everyone I have priced it at a very low $47.00, many have told me that is just plain silly. But I wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to learn without breaking the piggy bank.

Order below at the one time low price of $47.00. Click the link below and get started immediately.

Click Here To Download The Complete Second Life Texture Tutorials Package
Click Here To Access The Complete SL Texture Tutorials Package

I know you will love these videos and I look forward to helping you navigate your way through SL Texture Tutorials.




P.S. Remember, you’re getting 3 hours of video learning material, that’s 25 videos designed to get you up to speed with using the essential parts of Photoshop and Gimp. Whilst the other 25 videos take you step by step through creating specific textures for use in Second Life.

P.P.S. Don’t forget the guarantee. If at anytime over the next 60 days, you’re not 100% happy with SL Texture Tutorials just let me know and I’ll refund your purchase price and you get to keep the free extra bonus downloads).

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* Note: These are streaming videos that you watch via the net.

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