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Start at “Start Here”  and read how to view the videos then click on Video 1, “User Interface” and work through the the next 24 videos.  In Part 1 the first, 25 videos are designed to build on each other and teach you the skills necessary to master photoshop.

Part 2 starts at Video 26.  So when you ready work your way through the next 25 videos till you get to Video 50.  The videos in Part 2 are designed to assist you with putting into practice those skills you have learnt in Part 1 of this course.  You don’t have to do the videos in Part 2 in order however some vidoes follow on from each other so its a good idea to work you way through each of them.

As part of your Bonuses we have created a Training Manual to help you with Videos 1 – 25.  Print this out and read it with a cuppa coffee or use it as a reference tool to just flick back, in case you need some extra help. You will find your Bonuses listed under the Topic’s section of this website.

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